Hi, I'm Harlin and welcome to my blog. I write about Python, Alfresco and other cheesy comestibles.

Leaving (but not leaving) Alfresco for Formtek and Other Announcements

Hello again. I did not mention it and did not want to make too big a deal of it, but I no longer work at Alfresco. Recently, I've taken a job with a company who is an Alfresco partner called Formtek. I started on Nov 20 and have been extremely busy getting up to speed on things as you can well imagine.

My goal has always been to post a couple of articles per week but I have to admit, my posts have gotten sporadic to say the least. It's always busy work learning new things and proving your worth when you start a new position.

Formtek does quite a few other things besides Alfresco but my position focuses on Alfresco. So, I won't be getting away from Alfresco (the software) and the company, Alfresco any time soon. In fact, since starting working with Formtek, I have had quite a few meetings with people I worked with at Alfresco. It's a small world, especially in the ECM space. I have to admit, they are like family to me and it will always be that way. It's always great to see them and work with them.

From my Twitter handle, it says I have loved working with Python -- always have and always will. That's true. I can definitely never get away from Python as I have used it at every technology job I have ever had. I also can't pretend that I'm not into Java on some level since Alfresco's core was written in Java. No worries though, I won't post heavily about Java but I do intend to write more articles concerning Alfresco. After all, I have worked with it now for very close to six years and it would be silly to throw away all that experience and not use it for benefit of all.

As such, I changed my tagline to include "Alfresco". It now says:

"Hi, I'm Harlin and welcome to my blog. I write about Python, Alfresco and other cheesy comestibles."

So, know that Alfresco articles will increase in this space. Oh by the way, if you hover your mouse over the "cheesy comestibles", you will find a video to what I believe is the funniest Monty Python skit ever.

In case you're not familiar, Alfresco is an open source implementation of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) written in Java. The marketing side of things tries to rename ECM to Content Services. That's fine but ECM is still the term everyone uses when talking about serious content management. Alfresco competes with Documentum and Sharepoint but in my opinion does not compete so much with products like DropBox or GoogleDrive.

Alfresco is for businesses and less so with the consumer market. I'll be honest, ECM is not sexy but it is a necessary part of business these days. As such, customers don't always get excited about it but will have to have some form of it in their enterprise. If you are looking for something like this to base your technology career, I believe ECM is a good and stable choice. Carring that thought further, Alfresco is a great product since you're not closed out of the source and can get a foothold on understanding how it ticks.

For me, it will be more of a challenge to write on Alfresco than only Python but I accept it and think it will be worthwhile. You really must step out to be better than you were yesterday. I embrace it. Look forward to continue talking to you, friends!

Any Comments, Always Welcome!