Hi, I'm Harlin and welcome to my blog. I write about Python, Alfresco and other cheesy comestibles.

Alfresco - Alfresco Setup for Sysadmins and QA Testers

I have a few conventions on the organization of Alfresco installations to make my job (and life) easier. Since I may be also testing multiple Alfresco installations, I try to setup installs in a particular way so that different versions are easier to find. Also, it helps to have some ...

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Alfresco - Installing Community 5.2

I'm creating this post as a bookmark of sorts. If you've arrived here, no need to worry with this one unless you are interested in getting Alfresco Community installed. Keep in mind that there are Alfresco Enterprise and Community installs. If you don't have an Enterprise license ...

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Python + Alfresco CMIS Rest API

I haven't had much time to spend on Python but I did want to let you know about a project I am working on the side.

It's called Alfresco API Python (or alfresco-api-python). I wrote a post a few months back about CMIS (cmislib to be exact). For ...

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Best Practices for Using Active Directory with Alfresco

Normally when I help a user that involves issues with setting up synchronization of users and groups, the customer has settings that are extremely generic like these:


ldap.synchronization.personQuery=(& ...

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How to Get Django and ElasticSearch to Play Together

Ok, I like the idea of NoSQL -- even if there are very few use-cases that really demand it. Honestly, you can use an RDBMS like Postgresql to handle most use-cases instead of going the NoSQL route. Reasoning aside, there is a part of me that really likes it.

I like ...

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Python + Alfresco: How to Get Document Information Using CMIS

Recently a customer asked for a way to query the Alfresco database for document information. Database queries are generally not supported either for transactions or just as read-only queries.

First off, the Alfresco database is very normalized and designed more for efficiency and performance but not so much for readability ...

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Python + Alfresco: How to Find Documents by Document Type Using CMIS

I like playing with the new Alfresco model manager. Well, at least it was new in Alfresco 5.0 and here we are now on 5.2.

I have an old system where I upload a lot of PDF files. I found an old model (techbooks) on a 5.1 ...

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