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Python + Django How to Test Views

Today I wanted to go over how to use Django's web client testing features. It's a fairly simple thing to grasp how to use Python's unit testing to test functions and procedures but I am finding that a lot of Django beginners are not sure how they ...

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Python - Using the -m Option to Run Modules

Do you ever make use of the Python interpreter's many options? These are often overlooked but if you ever take the time to see what's available, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

If you call python from the command line using --help, you'll see a number ...

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Python - Using the timeit Module for Quick Speed Evaluations

The timeit module allows for a developer to time a few lines of Python code. It can be used as either a Command-Line Interface or a callable method in a Python script.

From the command line:

$ python -m timeit "[i for i in range(10000)]"

100 loops, best ...

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Python - Basic Unit Testing and Test Driven Development

In case you're unfamiliar with it, code testing is proving your code works as expected. Unit testing does this too, of course, but in much smaller bites. There's also this other thing called Test Driven Development. There are also many other subjects that have to do with code ...

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